100% hair growth on the head of Ganja in 30 days, miraculous oil

100% hair growth on the head of Ganja in 30 days, miraculous oil

The problem of hair like hair loss, uneven whiteness, the problem of Russian has become commonplace. Charmitya is a boon for these conflicts of hair! Yes, your hair removes the problems of a headache, chills, whiteness and bald head and eliminates all the problems of your hair till old age. This experiment is so effective that the hair of Ganjo is grown. As much as it is for men, so let’s come to women for this natural remedy.

Ingredients –     250 gm chirmity / rattis / turf / clove or churnity miracle oil forming method 

  1. Make a fine powder and make powder by filtering it fine. After filtration, the above-mentioned parts are not thrown away.
  2.     Now take out about 50 grams separately from the filtered powder.
  3.     Boil the remaining 200 grams of Powder in about 1.5 liters of water so that the boiling water will remain about 500ml. Now, filter this water and keep it.
  4.     Take about 200 grams of sesame oil in a pan of iron, if sesame seeds are not found, they can also take the mustard but sesame oil is more effective. Now boil 500ml of boiling water and the remaining water of 50 grams of chirmati boil them all in cold oil. RemembranceIt is harmful to do nothing in a non-hot oil. Now cook the ingredients in this cooled oil again on a low flame.
  5.     After cooking, when the water is almost drained from oil. So to test that the part of the water in it is completely burnt, only the remaining oil is left. To test this, take a scarf of an iron wire or a bamboo sweep, put a foil of the cutan on it and put it on the fire soaked in oil. If the voice of the Chatter-Petter comes, then understand that the oil is not fully cooked. If there is water left in it, then let it warm up on a low flame.
  6.     If the oiled cotton wool immediately starts burning, then understand that oil has been cooked. Then put it in a utensil like a hat of steel stripped off the stove. Together, it will cool down and the black part of it will sit down in the hat. When fully cooled, put this oil in a dry glass or plastic bottle. There is no part of the water.
  7. How to apply this miraculous oil
    1.     Apply this oil twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Massage for about 5 minutes.
    2.     Do not apply any soap or shampoo in the head during the oil use. To wash the head, use sour dahi-sour lassi or lemon.
    3.     We do not have the hope that you will not be disappointed after just 1 month of experimentation. Your desires will start to get results. Because this experiment we get 100% result on the person we did.

    Please pay attention

    1.     Chiramiti / Ratti / Ghunghuchi / Guna is all its name.
    2.     It is like white and red + black bead.
    3.     Herbs sell easily at the seller or grocery store
    4.     If the white color is found then take it

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