Why God Brahma Is Not Worshiped?

Why God Brahma Is Not Worshiped?

You all must have heard about the holy trinity of Hinduism. The trinity consists of the three most powerful gods of BrahmaVishnu and Shiva. The lord Shiva and lord Vishnu both are worshipped in all over the world but the god brahma not ritualistically worshiped like lord Vishnu and lord shiva. Brahma temples are rare. There is no particular day dedicated to Brahma.

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The true reason that why god brahma is not worshipped like other deities is described as below. According to scriptures, he is the creator and all the living beings are created by brahma. He is not worshiped by anyone. The main reason of behind this is as:

Curse of Shiva

lord Trimurti

According to the legends, once brahma and Vishnu were overcome the sense of self – importance. They began to argue with each other that who was the greater of two. Lord shiva became heated to this argument and took the form of lingam. The lingam told the both that could find the end of the lingam then he declared that who is the greater of the two.

Both are agreed to this deal and started to find out the end of the lingam. They realized that there is no end of lingam. Lord Vishnu realized the fact that shiva was greatest among the trinity. But god brahma decided to trick shiva. While the search on the end, the flower of the ketaki passed on the uppermost part of the lingam. He requested the ketaki to reached the uppermost part of the lingam and had seen the end. The ketaki flower agreed.

When brought before shiva, the flower falsely testified that brahma had seen the end. Lord shiva became furious at this lie. Then he cursed brahma that he would be never worshipped by any human being and also cursed ketaki that would not be used at any rituals. Hence brahma was cursed not be worshiped by anyone.


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