4 Life Lessons By Lord Shiva You Can Apply To Your Life

4 Life Lessons By Lord Shiva You Can Apply To Your Life

Lord Shiva is also known as Shiv Bhole, The Lord Shiva is the God of Hindu. He teaches us the lesson on the “Art of Living” and he is also known as the Lord of compassion and Mercy. He is the Great Hindu God, who is worshipped by many Hindu Peoples.
life lessons from lord shiva

1. The Hair of Lord Shiva is matted and symbolises the Unison of Mind, Spirit and Body, which really helps you to focus better. It will also help to improve your immunity as well automatically, support you to stay healthy and calm.

2. Third Eye of Shiva symbolises that looking at the problem beyond, and what it is and finally, overcome from the impossible.

3. The Trishul of Shiva symbolises the control of Mind, ego and intellect, which helps you to never lose control and work properly.

4. The meditative pose which symbolises calmness which will help you to overcome the everyday battle and sort the issue with clarity.

Lord Shiva
The Lord Shiva is known by many other names they are as following.
1. Mahadeva
2. Shiv Shankar
3. Bholenath
4. Shambunath
5. NeelKanth
lord shiva..

He is the supreme God of all the other Gods; he is dissipated as the Yogi Life who sent his life in the mountains of Kailash, now known as the Kailash Parvat. The name os Mahadeva wife is Parvati and they are having two children’s Ganesha and Kartekiya.
The Shambunath is now worshipped in the holy places where they lived and the Lingam in the form of aniconic. The Shiva is worshipped in Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.


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