9 Interesting Beer Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

9 Interesting Beer Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Through years of researches Scientists have proved 9 amazing facts about beer that proves drinking beer is good for health. But only in limits.
1. Beer improves digestion because it contains gastric acid that controls the growth of the dangerous gut bacteria from the stomach cells.9 amazing facts about beer

2. Beer makes you live longer Virginia Tech Researchers found people who drink beer have regularly been 19% less likely die during the given period than the people who never touched a drop of beer in their life.9 amazing facts about beer3. Drinking beer makes you slim and to build abs because of the presence of the acids in it.9 amazing facts about beer
4. Behavioral brain researchers published that Beer makes mind sharp by boosting the creativity of the mind and memory formation in the young adults.9 amazing facts about beer
5. According to the study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, it is proved that beer stops you getting kidney stones. If you have stones you can try it….9 amazing facts about beer
6. Beer has fewer calories than the skimmed milk and the orange juice.9 amazing facts about beer
7. Xanthohumol – a flavonoid found in the beer helps your body to fight with the cancer9 amazing facts about beer
8. Beer lowers the risk of the heart disease in men – Harvard Researchers proved.9 amazing facts about beer
9. Makes you better at sex and increases the sexual stamina.9 amazing facts about beer

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