Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women In 2018

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women In 2018

What Valentine or Romantic gifts will please the woman in your life? Whether you’re just dating, engaged, married or in the throes of a passionate romance, the gifts that invariably provoke the most delight are traditional ones: Roses, chocolate, perfume, and jewelry. The untraditional part is that you can now buy them all online. Select three to give — one from each category — and you’re likely to hit the romance trifecta, ensuring a memorable evening.

That’s because, year to year, women’s desire to be loved and desired hardly changes. She may be a mom, an athlete, a scholar, a professional (or all of the above), yet on Valentine’s Day, she wants to feel like a woman and be adored. Along with the women’s Valentine’s Day gifts that you select, be sure to include at least one card that expresses how you feel for her now and every day of the year.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2018


2.A Classic Perfume:


The sense of smell can be a powerful aphrodisiac. If you don’t know what her signature fragrance is, ask her one evening. Don’t have an answer? You can’t go wrong with one of these tried and true seductive scents. And if you can’t afford the undiluted “juice,” bath and beauty products made with one of these scents will delight as well.


Small and sparkly, earrings with stones can dazzle. If your budget can’t afford diamond earrings, select a pair with pearls or semi-precious stones to dress up her ears. Before you buy, know whether her ears are pierced or not and choose the appropriate back.

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Jewelry with hearts says “I love you.” Choose from a variety of metals and a range of prices.

sweet gown

A Valentine’s day gift selection of pretty things for her to wear to bed — and leave in a satisfied pile afterward. Do be sensitive to body issues, however: Some women simply don’t feel comfortable wearing scanty and revealing garments. So keep in mind these Valentine’s gifts are for women… not for you!


Bestow a promise ring on your love this Valentine’s Day, and it says you’re ready to take the next (small) step in your relationship.

Nordstrom Gift Card

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones the recipient can choose for him or herself. It may not seem romantic at the time, but a gift card motivates a loved one to indulge — and that’s always a good thing! Choose a style and denomination here. And if she doesn’t have a Nordstrom nearby, she can use the card to buy a gift for herself online.

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