How to Block YouTube Ads on Different Browsers,Android,iphone,Mozilla Firefox

How to Block YouTube Ads on Different Browsers,Android,iphone,Mozilla Firefox

Everybody wants to enjoy videos without any distractions posed by banners or ads on YouTube. The good thing is that there are a number of plugins or browser-extensions to block all types of ads on YouTube. I have listed step-by methods to block YouTube ads on different web browsers. These methods will surely help you in saving the time you spend while waiting for the content to load.

Method 1 YouTube Premium

YouTube premium is a paid version where you can enjoy ads-free videos and much more. You can try it for free by entering the payment details and buy it if you are satisfied with the services. YouTube Premium is compatible on various platforms that include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Xbox. Remember that the premium services are available in limited countries.

Method 2 Block ads in Web Browsers

If you are using the normal version of YouTube and open it in a web browser, you can still block the advertisements by using ad blocker extensions. You need to adopt different procedures to block the ads in various web browsers.

Google Chrome

Open the browser and click on Chrome menu (three vertical dots) on the upper right corner and navigate to More Tools and then click on extensions.

Next, click on the main menu icon on the upper left corner and navigate to the “Open Web store”.

Now in the next screen, type the keyword “ ad-blocker” in the search bar. Here you will find a couple of extensions that can block the ads on all the websites including YouTube. Select the first one that is offered by Adblocker and click on the button “ Add to Chrome”.


Open Opera web browser, now move to the upper left corner and click on opera logo. Now on the bottom of the options displayed, click on Get More Extensions.

Again in the search bar, type ad blocker. Here you will ad blockers from various developers. If you want to block the ads specifically on YouTube, you can select Adblocker for YouTube.  To activate it, just add it to Opera.

Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge, and click on three horizontal dots (shows more on hovering the mouse over it).

Next, scroll down and click on Extensions. Now click on “Get extensions from the store”.

Now Type ad blocker keyword in the search field and you will get the adblocker extensions or plugins from several developers. Just click on the one and it will get activated in Microsoft Edge browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox browser and navigate to the upper right corner and open a hamburger type three parallel lines menu icon. Now scroll down and click on add-ons.

On the next screen, click on “Find More add-ons”. Now in the search-bar type ad blocker to find ad different ad blocker extensions. When you will click on the add-on it will show you its description, rating, and other information. If you want to add this add-on, you just need to click on “Add to Firefox”.

Bonus Tip: Block Ads on Android & iOS

In Android or iPhone, you can block the advertisements on YouTube by opening the YouTube in adblocker browser. So you just need to download “Adblocker browser” in Play store or iOS App Store.

So whenever you wish to enjoy ad-free videos on YouTube, you have to open the YouTube in adblocker browser you just have installed on your device.


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