INTRODUCTION Today’s life is more materialistic rather than realistic. It is well said that key to a happy life is being satisfied with what one have. Today’s materialistic life has made it difficult for the human to be contended with what he /she has.

Problems Faced By Widows in India

Indian family as a social institution is well known for the emotional and physical support that it providers,

8 Best Ways To Enlighten Your Day

First thing comes in your mind is about Enlighten. Most of us do no know about the

Take A Break And Discover The Inner Beauty

You are one of the lovely creations of the God and you must have to take care of yourself.

Enlightenment Thinkers, Human Being is Full Of Mistakes

Mistakes are those deeds, which are done by an individual most of the time.

Amazing Monsoon Fashion Tips That Makes You Look Cool

Monsoon the best season from all seasons. Here are very few people who don’t  like the  rainy season.

6 Habits That Will Never Let You Be Successful In Life

What does it take to be successful in life? Talent, hard work, luck? Maybe a perfect combination of all of these. You have read books on how to be successful,