Enlighten Yourself By knowing Why Empty Mind A Home for Devil?

Enlighten Yourself By knowing Why Empty Mind A Home for Devil?

We all know that empty mind is a devil when our mind is empty it always make devil plans. Our mind never thinks about good things when it is free, it always thinks about the bad things, this is the natural tendency of our mind.  We feel uncomfortable when our mind is devoid from any productive and creative activity.

We have noticed that one thought enters our mind; at the same time another one has replaced it. This is an automatic process that our mind follows. Our mind can be controlled when we develop concentration within us to control thoughts, we are controlled enough to block and open the thoughts incoming and outgoing process. We all know that there would be a time lag gap between the thoughts enter the mind, thoughts in the mind and thoughts exit the mind. So the time lag between each activity is the emptiness of mind but this state of mind activity will be set only when you will be more expert in controlling your thoughts. We also call it pure awareness.

When you will have this kind of awareness in your mind than you will fell “I” exists in you. When you will remain quiet, your mind will be calm than only you can experience this space between the thoughts. In this state you will not take any though personally, you will love to experience it and this emptiness will help you to discover unlimited potential.

So we should be expert to handle this situation that will be come with lot of practice in meditation, yoga and other practices to excel in it. And if you are not able to control your mind than your mind will definitely go about thinking anything which is not in our control and most of those thoughts will be negative thoughts because we are not pure from inside and we are not spiritually aware which push the evil thoughts to make mind as their home.

Otherwise we should keep our self-busy in things like in professional or personal work. Never ever sit idle so that your mind will get time to think about negative thoughts.

So if you do not want to be with an empty state of mind and you also want your friends to be aware of this. Than share this article with your friends right now.


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