I-pill and Unwanted 72:Some Dangerous Side Effects of Taking Unwanted 72 i-Pill

I-pill and Unwanted 72:Some Dangerous Side Effects of Taking Unwanted 72 i-Pill

Unwanted 72 Side Effects – Unwanted 72 Tablet

This article describes the unmanaged 72 tablets in detail. This drug made by Mankind Company is used for emergency contraception. The emergency contraceptive pill is used in 72 hours of unsafe sex or contraceptive failure.

In unwanted 72 levonorgestrel is found, which is an artificial progestogen and its ova has no effect on the implantation of the fetal wall. If unwanted 72 is taken after implantation, then the effect becomes zero and pregnancy or pregnancy becomes. Therefore, it is used within 72 hours to prevent pregnancy.

Remember this is just used to prevent unwanted pregnancy, This is not a type of abortion pill nor does it protect against any HIV infection or sexual dysfunction.

Unwanted 72 Tablet – Structure and active ingredients

Unwanted 72 Tablet contains Levonorgestrel (0.75 mg).
Levonorgestrel is the single active steroid ingredient. This is 100% artificial progestogen.
It should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

If need be eaten after eating the Levonorgestrel, then another tablet can be eaten.

Influence of unwanted 72

  1.  Unwanted 72 95% is effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex.

  2.  Unwanted 72 85% is effective when taken within 48 hours of unprotected sex.

  3.  Unwanted 72 60% is effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

  4.  Unwanted 72 does not affect 72 hours after

  5.  Unwanted 72 Get the Pregnancy Test, if you do not get late even for a week after the period of time, even after taking it on time.

The method of taking unwanted 72 – Unwanted 72 should be taken after drinking with some water.

Unwanted 72 Side Effects

  •     Ectopic pregnancy

  •     stomach ache

  •     Vomiting or nausea

  •     dizziness

  •     A headache

  •     Pain in the breast

  •     Physical weakness

Influence of 72 unwanted menstruation

1.Periods can change the time of arrival.

2. Can change bleeding and pattern in periods.

3.Periods may be more or less.

4.Pain can increase during periods.

Do not use Unwanted 72 as regular contraception before taking unwanted 72.
These do not affect after pregnancy It cannot be used as an abortion pill.

Some of the side effects of taking i-pills are :

1) Skin sensitivities – After taking the pill, some women find that their skin becomes very dry, or is more prone to rashes. This is usually temporary, but if you notice that your skin has become more sensitive, then it is best to keep out of direct sunlight for a short while.

2) Weight gain – Just like with regular birth control, some women experience temporary weight gain while their hormones try to find balance again. While very annoying, this is mostly temporary and will even out on its own.

3) Changes in mood – Some women report having extreme mood swings and being unable to regulate how they feel. In addition to this, many women find that during 48 hours after taking the i-pill, they feel an increased amount of unprovoked sorrow and hopelessness.

These feelings can often be associated with feelings of depression. Once your hormones return to a regular level, these feelings tend to go away. Sometimes they linger for longer than that, and in these cases, women should seek medical assistance.

4) Changes in menstruation – After using this emergency contraception, many women begin spotting, which is light bleeding outside of their period. Other women notice that there is significant bleeding while others have reported a drastic change in their period. Your period following a dose could be heavier than usual or delayed for a few days.  Due to the change in hormones in your body, your period is often affected.

5) Reproductive damage – Prolonged use of emergency contraception pills may lead to reproductive organ damage. Because of this, they should only be used in emergency cases, and not as a regular birth control. If you find that the need to use these pills is higher than expected, talk to your doctor about the possibility of taking a more daily regulated form of birth control pill. These are safer and will ensure that you are not doing anything to damage your body.


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