Meditation, Prayer And Puja To Improve Life

Meditation, Prayer And Puja To Improve Life

Life is full of adventure. We always got taught by our elders to do meditation, puja and prayer to improve life and to devote our self in services of God. But do they really work? By doing these things do we become real spiritual men or still we have ego?

We know that if we are in tension or we are not feeling happy, we are confused over life and we are not able to decide what to do in life. We think that we should do meditation to relax our mind so that we can control our thoughts to decide what to do in future. When our thoughts are in control we can plan our things in more proper way.

On the other hand if we are tensed now a days and nothing goes well than we go for prayer. Prayer is one of the best ways to wish or pray to god to help others.

And puja is a process to pray the god in more ritual way with the help of mantras and words.

So all these processes are used to make our life better and if still we have ego after doing these things to improve life than this is of no us


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