STOMACH ULCERS : Causes,Symptoms,Home Remedy For Stomach Ulcers

STOMACH ULCERS : Causes,Symptoms,Home Remedy For Stomach Ulcers

How to CURE STOMACH ULCER naturally? 

What causes stomach ulcer? There are several factors that contribute to this problem. Given below are few factors and home remedies for stomach ulcers cure.

Ulcer in the stomach is caused due to an infection caused by the bacterium, namely H Pylori. Extended use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen is another factor. Too much of acidity in the stomach can arise due to excessive stress and smoking. Learning stomach ulcer treatments, helps you to treat this condition.

Apart from these factors, increased consumption of alcohol, family history of ulcers, repeated use of steroids and being over 50 years old are responsible for the onset of stomach ulcer. Home remedies and natural remedies are wonderful ways to cure stomach ulcer.

Stomach Ulcers are sores found in the small intestine. They are painful and cause a lot of discomforts. Ulcers are formed when the layer of mucus which protects the stomach reduces. As a result, the digestive acids eat away the lining of the stomach. These gastric can be cured, but they can become a cause of concern if neglected. Home remedies can be very effective for treatment of stomach ulcers symptoms.

What causes stomach ulcers or peptic ulcers:

1. Bacterial infection (like Helicobacter pylori)
2. Diseases which cause the stomach to produce excess acids can lead to ulcers.
3. The Excessive use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin are harmful.
4. Lifestyle also could contribute to the occurrence of peptic ulcers.

Many of us are ignorant when it comes to how to treat stomach ulcers. Increased risk of having stomach ulcers has been reported to be linked to excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, having a family history, or old age, use of steroids, or in some cases hypocalcemia.

Intense pain and burning sensation in the chest to belly button region especially on empty stomach is one of the first symptoms to identify stomach ulcers.

Stomach Ulcers Symptoms:-

1. Burping.
2. Bloating.
3. Reduced pain upon eating or taking antacids.
4. Nausea.
5. Vomiting.
6. Pain in the stomach.
7. Heartburn and weight loss.

If left untreated stomach ulcers can lead to more serious complications. They can be identified by black or bloody stools, bloody vomit or sudden and sharp pain in the stomach. To prevent stomach ulcers it is important to follow good hygiene like washing hands before eating and eating properly cooked food. Other lifestyle attributes that can be changed are: limiting alcohol intake, avoiding all forms of tobacco consumption and stress management.
How To Cure Stomach Ulcers?

Read the natural stomach ulcers remedies given below. It will surely answer your question on how to treat stomach ulcers from your home.

Stomach Ulcers Symptoms Treatment –

1 The first remedy for the ulcer is as follows:

Step 1: Boil a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water a cup of water.
Step 2: Then reduce the solution and consume it on an empty stomach. This is the first stomach ulcer treatment that you must try out.

Stomach Ulcer Cure 2: The second natural stomach ulcer remedy is as follows:

Step 1: Take the juice of half a cabbage and 2 carrots.
Step 2: Now mix them together. Consume half a cup of this healthy drink before your meals and at bedtime daily. Cure an ulcer in the stomach with this simple home remedy.

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