The character ‘Banwari Lal Tiwari’-3

The character ‘Banwari Lal Tiwari’-3

The character ‘Banwari Lal Tiwari’

The word Manthan 1
also defeats the defeat; Now I want to be
Do not just think of destiny; I
have to live in every situation to die

Gurukul now seven seas Across
the added education house inferno
Ram Rahim Asha Ram now in prison
Take note how the sacrament is now in the world
revised common
wish he could write anything
he co mechanical visibly fade
combination coordinate Shnta
could claim deed doers action

Arrogance would assume the same
would abandon patriarchal system
could force cohesion
could erase legislation chastity

The world may not be able to win
could change my
masculinity femininity problem could force
could leave melody victory song

One of the registrars said, take
another shadow, the
government, Tamga Palo,
I said to myself.

We do not see sadness and pain

Imagine that folk folk had a
hypothetical concept that contained
that is what is combined

Word churn 2

Some people sell their
names in front of themselves,
they do not see anybody else 
Ask for a second instance in compulsion

On death, what
became of a great sense of duty was the reason that
she was
seen careless, and she died.

Loving love with the deserted
gaiusu, the one who struggled with the guts, seeing this in such a way
, the situation
looked like this,

Shankar Dev Tiwi

Word churn 3

Amen Do

I thought I would understand something 
I will understand
how I will live, how I am living, I will
understand the time.

Orders are
no longer available, the path where no one asks now,
we withdraw from becoming a traveler, we are aware of
hi and bay

Ram Ram was also taken
to become a friend, it has become a crime now,
what was the time of Laila Manjuna,
now it is a good time to meet

Last Aradas right you block,
think of the story, do not flip the story
, what is the life, seize the debt,
god is the example of friendship.

Shankar Dev Tiwi


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