The Story of Surya dev

The Story of Surya dev

During Vedic age and afterwards SURYA has played a significant role in Hindu mythology and amongst Hindu gods. But he is one of the three chief gods of the Vedas. As one of the spheres, the sun is the celestial form of fire, Agni and source of all life. Surya dev is at center of the spheres. Above it are the esoteric spheres of the supreme ruler and the manifest spheres of the moon and the earth to below it.


The other name of surya is savitri, which means brilliance. Many other Vedic gods, this god became more or less a mythical figure by Vishnu, who came to be regarded by Hindus as the supreme manifestation of the supreme god. Still the most celebrated mantra, known as gayatri mantra, is the incantation addressed to him. Also many forms of prayers and rituals used in the daily ceremonies of Hindu Brahmins are addressed to this god. In the morning one can see hundreds of Hindus daily offering water to the rising sun. Women can be seen taking a pledge that in case he bestows them with a son, performed it regularly to worship this god.


A legend states that about three hundred years ago a learned Hindu, who was suffering from leprosy, prayed to surya for cure. He was inspired to write suryashtak, to please the god, and he was restored to health. Worship of the god surya dev is performed standing in the sun with clasped hands and closed eyes.

Surya dev has two wives, sanjana and chhaya. The first one is the daughter of Vishwakarma. After her marriage she could not found the power of this god’s rays. The adobe of this god is called as suryalokaand powerful race of Hindu kings has always taken pride in calling itself as the direct descendant of him. In suryavanshis, the first king had been IKSHWAKOO while god Rama was the sixty – sixth king in this lineage. Even till medieval ages and many Rajput kings connected their family with surya.


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