Top 10 Best USB Microphones for YouTube, Skype, Gaming & More

Top 10 Best USB Microphones for YouTube, Skype, Gaming & More

With new and better innovations in technology, more compact and user-friendly microphones are available in the market which you can connect effortlessly via a USB. Nowadays everyone wants to streamline audio as per their requirement. So be it an online interview or create a YouTube Video, Voice commands or online gaming, a good alternative is to go for a USB microphone which are hassle-free to install and inexpensive too. USB microphones are available in the marketplace and these are well-suited for Desktop PC, Windows laptops or Macbooks. So if you want to own one then go through our list of well-researched ten best USB microphones to make a quick and better choice.

Below are our picks for the top ten best USB microphones available in the marketplace.

1 FIFINE USB Microphone – K668

Your search for a mic which is ideal for recording vocals as well as voiceovers ends here as this mic is the optimal choice. This K668 mic is a high-performance mic which captures and reproduces sounds precisely.

It has an extended frequency response which makes it a great choice for recording speeches, songs, voiceovers etc. All the recordings are made directly on the PC it is connected with.

This can be used comfortably on any computer, laptop, MacBook, Chromebook and many more. For first time users, there are no issues at all since it installs automatically. You do not require any special software to work with this mic.

It comes with an adjustable stand so you can feel free to adjust it at any angle as per your requirement. With easy on your pocket it eases out various recording problems for you.

2 FIFINE USB Microphone – 669B

This microphone goes one step further from the previous one. This comes with a solid metal body which is strong and elegant. This is also a plug n play mic which is suitable to use with computers, laptops, MacBooks. This mic is quite simple to install and use.

It also comes with a tripod stand which makes it convenient for you to use it when while doing live streams or voiceovers.

This mic comes equipped with a knob to control the volume. This makes the mic more sensitive to sound. This further helps in capturing louder and clearer sound without capturing noise. This mic separates our sounds from the background noise. So it is best suited for gaming, OBS, Teamspeak, and even broadcasting.

3 Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

If you are searching for a more professional mic then this is the best of the lot. Priced decently, this mic has much more to offer. This USB microphone has the best and flawless recorded sound with noise canceling.

This microphone can be plugged into Smartphone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows. It comes with a clip so you can attach it to your shirt. This mic is even compatible with cameras which do not need an active microphone.

This mic works without the need of additional plugs or batteries. It comes with an extension cord so the user can easily roam around when doing recordings. It even supports Y-Connector when you wish to do a recording with two persons.

Be it Podcasting, interviews, voiceovers, sounds for one’s own videos, Skype or even on the professional front this mic is the best.

4 Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This microphone has been ranked as the world’s number 1 microphone. It is an extremely popular microphone which is loaded with advanced technologies. These technologies produce precise and greatest recordings. The recordings are very much similar to those made in a recording studio.

It is bidirectional and has various settings (3 modes) that depend on the type of recording to be made. This helps the users to record lectures, voiceovers, interviews, audios for videos etc with a single microphone.

The user gets excellent recordings irrespective of where he is recording it. Be it a roadside, office, home or any other public place, this microphone records sound as if these are recorded in a studio.

With easier and handy controls, users can adjust the mic settings without any difficulties like instantly muting the mic and adjusting the microphone’s sensitivity. It even has a headphone jack so users could listen to what they are recording as and when they record it without any latency.

All in all, this is a high quality USB microphone. It has a driver-free operation. It is compatible with a wide range of products.

5 Samson Go Microphone

Here comes another very popular microphone. If you want a mic which sits on your laptop / PC while you do your recordings, then this is the mic you are looking for.

This is a compact mic which gets clipped on your laptop or can sit on your desktop PC. This mic has a plug n play operation and is compatible with Mac or PC. This mic does not require any driver for its functioning.

It is embedded with high-quality components which produce professional studio like audio quality. It comes embedded with an output for headphones so the user can listen to the audio as it is recorded.

This is an ideal mic for VoIP, Chatting, perfect podcasting, and webcasting to name a few. Due to the compact design, it is very easy to carry this mic along with you.

6 Audio-Technica USB Microphone

This is a modestly priced microphone which has much in the offering. This is the best mic in this category for recording superior quality digital sounds. It comes equipped with a high-quality A/D converter with a good sampling rate giving superb audio quality.

An internal amplifier enables the mic to deliver superior quality sounds. This also comes with a headphone jack so users can keep track of the microphone signal without any delays.

It has controls which help users to blend the signals of the microphone with the already recorded audio. This mic is best suited for recordings at home, office, field, podcasting, and even voice-overs.

This is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. This mic comes with a couple of accessories i.e. the swivel clamp, USB cable, and a tripod stand. A small LED light on the mic acts as an indicator that the mic is connected to the system.

7 USB Microphone by MAONO

If you want to own a professional USB microphone kit that gives you the best quality sound recordings with minimal or no noise and is moderately priced then this would be my choice.

This mic comes with a chipset which has a high sampling rate and frequency response. This makes the mic an excellent pick for recording speeches, songs, podcasting, video calling, live streaming and many more. This mic records crystal clear sounds as it has a pop filter and a foam windscreen with damping function.

This mic is not just compatible with Windows and Mac, but it also works wonders on Linux system. It does not require an extra driver as it is a great plug n play mic. You can connect it to mobile phone using an OTG adapter which needs to be purchased separately.

8 USB Condenser Microphone ( Rode NT)

The NT-USB microphone is another multipurpose mic which can be used for recording a variety of things. Ranging from recording songs, other musical performances it is also used to record speeches, voiceovers and even podcasting.

This mic comes with a dial which provides the audio mixing feature between the already recorded audio and the microphone input. It also includes a stereo headphone jack which lets users track the input with zero latency.

It comes with a stand mount and it even has a tripod stand so one can record with ease. This mic is compatible with Apple iPad and comes with a two year extended warranty.

9 Marantz Professional MPM-2000U

Here comes a superior quality microphone by Marantz line of USB mics. This is the optimal microphone for studio quality recordings. It has a built-in driver which helps in easy plug n play for both Windows and Mac OS. No external drivers need to be installed.

Once plugged to your PC, this mic does not need any extra power supply to function. To start recording you need to keep this mic parallel to your recording source. The side of the mic with its company’s logo is its front side and it should face towards the source.

It has precision patterns so it captures sounds with minimal noise producing recordings of the finest quality. The versatility of this mics lies in that it even works wonders if used in small rooms or rooms with echoes or noise.

10 USB Conference Microphone by MXL

If you are a business person or you like to chat on the internet most of the time then this should surely be your pick. The MXL AC404 Microphone is a superb mic for conference rooms, daises, courtrooms, classrooms, or houses of worship.

Some interesting features of this microphone are that it can capture sound from a radius of 25 ft and it has a pickup pattern of 180 degrees. It has a flat surface so it can be kept comfortably anywhere near the source of recording. This mic even cuts out reverberations.

This mic provides clear and superior quality sound in conference calls. It is compatible with most of the conferencing services. This mic is embedded with features which provide crisp, smooth and professional sounds cutting all the noise from the background.

This plug n play mic is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Buy a Best USB Microphone Now

So go ahead and choose the mic which best suits you. Be it a home, work or general entertainment, you will surely find the best mics from the ones discussed above. So purchase one now and have fun with sounds by recording your own customized songs, sound for videos, live streams, conferencing, and even recording vocals as well as instruments and have all the fun you want.


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