Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts 2018

Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts 2018

Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts 2018

1.Tour Red Apple Farm on a Hayride

Tour Red Apple Farm on a Hayride

Looking for Associate in Nursing authentic New England farm expertise this fall? Red Apple Farm within the North Central Massachusetts city of Phillipston may be a fabulous place to select your own apples–and most additional.

You’ll be greeted by a friendly, well-trained staffer after you arrive, and on weekends in Gregorian calendar month and Oct, your 1st order of business ought to be to hop aboard a hayride for a tour of this 67-acre, fourth-generation, family-owned and fondly preserved farm. you will get away of all there’s {to do|to try to |to try Associate in Nursing do} at this rural outpost–from feeding cattle to exploring hiking trails–and gain an appreciation for the energy house owners Al and metropolis Rose and their four kids pour into sustaining this summit garden and farm. Speaking of energy, you may conjointly see the fifteen-kilowatt turbine and ten-kilowatt star panels that offer all of the farm’s electricity.

2.Pick Your Own Apples

Pick Your Own Apples

Al Rose’s granddaddy based Red Apple Farm in 1912 as a wholesale apple agriculturist. Al’s father created the discerning call to remodel the property into a retail operation. “Our business has modified from merchandising apples to merchandising Associate in Nursing expertise,” Al says. within the fall, selecting apples continue to be central thereto expertise, and Red Apple Farm’s planting ways and placement at one,250 feet higher than water level create it one amongst the longest-producing orchards in New England. Red Apple Farm offers quite fifty varieties for choosing, from historic varieties like Baldwin to ancient favorites as well as eating apple and Macoun to comparatively new sorts of apples like Ginger Gold.
Apple selecting begins at Red Apple Farm in late July and generally runs all the approach till October’s finish, once the Winter Banana apple area unit prepared for choosing.

3.Dig Your Own Potatoes

How do you dig potatoes? When should I lift my potatoes? What is meant by hilling potatoes? How do you know when your potatoes are ready to harvest?

In fourteen years of covering fall in New England, my family and that i have had plentiful opportunities to select apples and pumpkins. however dig our own potatoes? That was one thing we’d ne’er seen, and my husband could not resist the prospect to cross the expertise of gather potatoes off his bucket list. He and my female offspring listened intently as a staffer explained the procedures. Then, they used potato rakes to uncover lovely red potatoes that were delicious once we cooked them up reception.

An added bonus: My female offspring learned–as several town slickers do once they visit Red Apple Farm–that potatoes grow underground. dig potatoes may be a standard activity for varsity teams that visit Red Apple Farm.

4.Buy Fresh Ground Peanut Butter

Buy Fresh Ground Peanut Butter

The list of made-in-Massachusetts specialty food products we had the chance to sample at Red Apple Farm will make you drool: cider donuts, apple dumplings, homemade fudge, fruit-topped ice cream, caramel apples, apple cider, maple cotton candy. And that was all after a scrumptious barbeque lunch!

The one product we brought home that we absolutely can’t stop raving about may surprise you. Honey-roasted, slightly chunky, fresh ground peanut butter made at the farm in this old-fashioned peanut butter machine. Just a week after our visit, my daughter was already insisting: “We have to go back to the farm to buy more peanut butter.”

5.Find the Perfect Pumpkin in a Picture-Perfect Pumpkin Patch

Find the Perfect Pumpkin in a Picture-Perfect Pumpkin Patch

When we beheld the Giant Pumpkin Patch at Red Apple Farm, my instant reaction was to look for Linus. If you recall the plot of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, you’ll know that I believed I’d stumbled upon the sincerest of all pumpkin patches.

Red Apple Farm has 8 acres planted with pumpkins, and unlike some farms where pumpkins are trucked in and scattered across a field in the fall, Red Apple Farm’s healthy, orange specimens are still growing on the vine, so you can enjoy a true pumpkin harvesting experience. We even saw a pumpkin that had reached an estimated 300 pounds–and still growing.

6.Savor Cider Donuts and Apple Dumplings

Savor Cider Donuts and Apple Dumplings

I’ve already mentioned all of the tasty products sold at Red Apple Farm’s store, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t specifically counsel you not to miss the bakery’s apple dumplings and sugary cider donuts, which are a treat at home but to die for when you eat one fresh and warm from Red Apple Farm’s donut fryer. We had the chance to go behind the scenes to see the kitchen crew hard at work cranking out these tender donuts, made with the farm’s own fresh cider.

7.Feast on Fresh-Smoked Pulled Pork and Other Barbeque Delights

Feast on Fresh-Smoked Pulled Pork and Other Barbeque Delights

On weekends from Labor Day through the end of October, Red Apple Farm adds outdoor barbeque dining to its line-up of enticements for day trippers. The grills don’t just turn out run-of-the-mill fare, either. The pulled pork, for example, is slow-smoked on site.

8.Sample Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider

Sample Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider

Pour yourself a sample glass of Red Apple Farm’s 100% natural apple cider, and you’ll be hooked. One of owner Al Rose’s dreams for the farm’s future is to collaborate with Gardner Ale House to introduce a line of hard ciders made with fruit from the farm.

9.Try Apple Soda

Try Apple Soda

 The Sidral Mundet apple sodas served at Red Apple Farm aren’t made in New England. They’re imported from Mexico, where the farm’s owner, Al Rose, was raised. Still, you don’t want to miss these sweet-tart beverages, which we haven’t encountered elsewhere and which are the ideal refreshment on a sunny New England fall day. The green apple flavor is particularly appealing.

10.See the Oldest Commercially Planted McIntosh Tree

See the Oldest Commercially Planted McIntosh Tree

Red Apple Farm owner Al Rose’s grandfather studied pomology–the science of fruit growing–and, in 1912, he planted this McIntosh tree, which is unlike any other you’ll see. The Sir Isaac Newton Tree is the oldest commercially planted McIntosh apple tree in New England, says Rose, and that likely makes it the oldest in the country. Photos of the farm’s founder at work on the property hang in the farm store. Ask an employee to point them out.


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