Top 5 Best Beauty Products and Toiletries to Buy in Greece

Top 5 Best Beauty Products and Toiletries to Buy in Greece

Top 5 Best Beauty Products and Toiletries to Buy in Greece

Greece has a tremendous selection of locally-made inexpensive, high-quality toiletries and beauty products made with indigenous ingredients. If you’re traveling with carry-on luggage only, you may want to stock up on these once you arrive in Greece, then pack them and check your luggage on your return trip back from Greece. Most are available at Greek pharmacies and small tourist-oriented markets.

In general, try or smell before you buy when you can. The pretty tourist-packaged items are expensive and often not as good – don’t get stuck with something you won’t use.

Remember, these products are all manufactured under stricter European Union rules – which exclude many ingredients routinely included in U.S. brands as being too toxic, which may be another reason to stock up.

.Carroten Sun Products

Carroten used to be my secret weapon against high sunscreen costs – then they got tired of being the 6 Euro alternative next to the 14 and 18 Euro competition. Now their prices are about the same, but their product is excellent. No, they won’t make you orange like a carrot, but keep an eye out for their orange packaging. It usually is still priced slightly less than imported brands. Their lip balm is said to be one of the few to stand up to the Greek sea and sun.

Body Butter with Olive Oil

This decadent body butter is made with organic olive oil and is irresistible. A yoga teacher turned me on to this brand. I bought a huge jar of it for less than 6 Euro and bought a second one to bring home intact. I’ve also used their foot cream and hand lotion, all with excellent results. Lots of brands sound similar – this one is “HerbOlive” as one word with a leaf design. This is often found in small markets in Greece. The Greek company behind this line is Madis based on Crete.

3.Clean Skin Olive Hair Mask:

Clean Skin Olive Hair Mask

This is another high-quality plain-wrap brand with low prices and good products, with many olive-based items. The hair mask – for some reason, almost everything is a “mask” in Greek beauty supplies – seals and conditions the hair and gives it more volume.

Korres Lotion

I adore the scent of Korres lotions which are wonderfully enticing. However, for my very sensitive skin, I found the concentration of essential oils to be too strong. Very regretfully, I left my lotions behind since they were irritating to my skin. You probably will not have this problem, and I envy you! Their cedar and amber scents are terrific.This line is also sometimes available on home-shopping channels in the U.S., and they have a few exclusive shops in the States as well.

5.Greek Olive Oil Soap:

This is a great souvenir item, so buy plenty. Some are packaged with magnets or metal medallions as an extra enticement. Most brands are similar, so smell them, see what the best price is, and enjoy yourself. Don’t pay more than 2 Euro a bar; you can find it for much less a little off the beaten path, or in markets where Greeks shop.


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