Top 5 Best Smelling Body Washes for Men In 2019

Top 5 Best Smelling Body Washes for Men In 2019

After coming home from the gym or having your hands covered in grease, you need a soap that will not only perform well to get your skin incredibly clean but also you need one that isn’t going to dry your skin

So what’s the solution?

While you could share a unisex soap or body wash with your significant other, you will be missing out on all the great benefits that a proper body wash that was designed for a man’s skin has to offer.

A man’s skin is different from that of a woman’s.  Us men have much thicker and coarser skin.

In addition, we have increased collagen levels making us look on average about 15 years younger than those of the opposite sex. The problem though is that men often times use inferior products that don’t account for their naturally different skin.


There are three basic types of body washes – shower gel, moisturizing washes, and exfoliating washes.

  • Shower gel – Shower gels are designed for use on skin because they have a lower detergent level than shampoos. They do a good job of removing dirt and grime from the skin.
  • Moisturizing body washes – This type of body wash has a creamier texture than shower gel. They contain higher levels of oil and petroleum, which makes them excellent for moisturizing
  • Exfoliating body washes – Typically grittier than other types of body washes, exfoliating washes help remove dead skin cells while keeping your skin smooth and supple.

5 Best Body Washes for Men



This tea tree based body wash by Oleavine is a completely all-natural body wash that will be effective at washing your skin completely clean naturally.  Geared to be used on both your body and feet, the tea tree oil contained within this product is naturally an antiseptic that will help to fight any odor-causing bacteria along with jock itch, foot odor, and other general fund uses.  You can even find tea tree oils in popular products like beard oil as well.

Olivine hand-harvests its products in small batches to maintain optimum quality, while it also uses a steam-distilled process that gets the most out of its active, organic components. And its tea tree oil comes from trees grown in the pristine Bungawalbyn Valley Basin of New South Wales, Australia. If you get a chance, check out some of the basin’s photos online. It’s a beautiful place.

Much like the Every Man Jack body washes, this body wash is also cruelty-free for the animal-tested conscious consumers out there as all the ingredients are plant derived.



Jack Black stands behind its PureScience formulas that are free of synthetics, parabens, and coolants – as well they should. Their natural Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body certainly follows suit with vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested ingredients (and results).

And that’s the thing – just because a product has all-natural ingredients doesn’t mean it automatically ranks near the top among other quality products. The results it provides have to be good, and Jack Black’s Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser delivers in that regard.

3.18.21 Man Made Wash:

Man Made Wash

If there was ever a manly body wash, this is it!  Emitting the smell of sweet tobacco (in a good way), you will be channeling your inner manliness when you lather up this body wash in the shower.

Evoking scents that are only reserved for war vets from a few generations ago, this body wash is pH balanced along with being free of sulfates and parabens – therefore it has a relatively tepid ingredient profile.

Of all the men’s body washes that we covered, this is likely the best one that presents itself well to be an excellent gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or any other special occasion.

4.NIVEA Men Platinum Protect:

NIVEA Men Platinum Protect

When it comes to aftershave balms, we absolutely fell in love with NIVEA’s post-shave hydrating balm as it can effectively keep your skin well moisturized throughout the day.  Now when it comes to their men’s body wash line, Platinum Protect is an excellent choice for men looking for a versatile body wash that covers all the bases.

Therefore you can take one item off your monthly shopping list and use this single bottle for your entire shower routine.  Lastly, regarding scent, this body wash is dubbed as having an Ocean Burst scent that is coupled with silver ions that work to completely eliminate odor.



Brickell co-founders Josh Meyer and Matt Bolduc saw a need and founded a company based on it. Specifically, Meyer and Bolduc did the research and discovered that there weren’t enough premium men’s grooming products available that only used natural ingredients.

But they also wanted natural products that they could relate to as everyday men.

Thus, Brickell formed in 2014 – in Bolduc’s garage – and has become one of the fastest-growing skin care and grooming companies on the planet (their products are sold in over 20 countries). With products such as their Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men, it’s easy to see why.

Brickell’s body wash earns high marks on a lot of levels, including with its natural and organic ingredients that include skin-friendly additions such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, glycerin, vitamin E, and tea tree oil. It’s a great wash for guys with sensitive skin, but for anyone, too


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