Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Please The Man In Your Life 2018

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Please The Man In Your Life 2018

Since it’s not always easy to buy for a man — they’re so practical! — consider the following top Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Whatever you can do to personalize any of these will emphasize how much you think about him, how well you know him,  and how much you care. And don’t forget to include a couple of Valentine’s Day cards or letters, at least delivering one that’s funny and one that’s sweet.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Please The Man In Your Life 2018


Is he a do-it-yourselfer with a taste for suds? This Valentine’s Day, give him a kit that enables him to brew his own. Mr. Beer provides all the equipment needed for him to homebrew 4 gallons of beer.


How long has he been carrying that same wallet? If the answer is, “too long,” consider replacing it with a smart-looking new one. And don’t forget to slip a picture of you inside.


Most men aren’t comfortable wearing a lot of jewelry, but few — even those who usually turn to a smartphone to get the time — can resist a fine watch. And many men actually appreciate having a wardrobe of watches to wear on different occasions. Plus, a gift of a watch will remind him to make time for you!

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basket yum

Is he always hungry? And will you be spending Valentine’s Day away from one another? Then consider sending him a handsome gift basket of fruit, cheese, and nuts that includes two kinds of pears, two types of apples, oranges and mandarins, and a fruit in season. He can also snack on delicious natural cheddar cheese and roasted almonds. And with each lick of the licks, he’ll be thinking of you.


The iPod Touch does everything an iPhone does, without requiring him to change his phone plan after Valentine’s Day. Depending on how much memory you choose (8, 16, and 32-gigabyte models are available), he can stash between 1,750 and 7,000 songs, watch movies and play games on the widescreen display, and download his favorite apps.


Is it his fantasy to command the world from his couch? The brilliant Amazon Echo can become the soundtrack of his life, playing all his music and much more. Hands-free, ask the Echo a question, tell it to read the sports scores, provide weather and traffic reports. And if he installs a smart home device, he can also control the lights and thermostats in your home. And the device’s functionality keeps growing. The device can even order a pizza for him or call an Uber to take you out on the town.

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