Wine : A Glass Of Wine Daily Keeps You Away From Doctor

Wine : A Glass Of Wine Daily Keeps You Away From Doctor

Wine : A Glass Of Wine Daily Keeps You Away From Doctor

Wine has been around us for thousands of years and we are still enjoying it with our meal. Many wine producing countries such as Australia, France, Italy and many others have contributed it in their celebrations, dates, wedding, birthdays and other enjoyable gatherings.
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Wine is now become one of the most beverages around the world along with beer and whiskey. The ancient Romans plants vineyards near garrisons and these areas are still famous for their wine. The Roman Catholic Church supported wine because of its role during mass and French monks fermented grapes and stored them in caves. As we know that wine is made from grapes, apples, pears, strawberries and with other fruits. Generally there are two types of wine produced all over the world.
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Red Wine:- It is made from dark colored grape varieties. The color of this wine can range from younger dark violet wines to older dark ruby red wines . Red wine seems to have heart-healthy benefits . But it’s possible that red wine isn’t any better than beer, white wine or liquor for heart health. There is still no clear evidence that red wine is better than other forms of alcohol . when it comes to possible heart-healthy benefits
Red Wine
White Wine:- This type of wine made from fermenting the grape pulp without the skin of dark grapes and also from white wine that are green or yellow in color.
White Wine
There are many articles written on the benefits and bad effects of the wine. But, a glass of wine daily has numbers of benefits that keeps you away from the doctor.
Here are some healthy benefits of the wine
a glass of wine.
Food Poisoning:-

A glass of red or white wine protects us from food poisoning . It helps to kill the bacteria that are responsible for any food allergies. It prevents us from the Salmonella infections.

Memory Retention:-

It helps in preserving memory. Women who drank a glass of wine daily have better memory than those who drank less or none. It also helps in preventing blood clots and blood vessel blockages that are primary cause of heart diseases.
Maintaining Weight:-

Alcohol in wines helps to burn calories for as long as 90 minutes after finishing a glass of wine. By doing regular exercise and taking good diet with wine maintains your ideal body weight.
Diabetes Control:-

According to the research made by UV university medical centre found that moderate wine drinkers have 30% less chance of developing type-2 diabetes.
Stronger Bones:-

Women who drink wine in moderation have a higher bone mass as compared to non-drinkers . The alcohol in the wine also helps bones to remain strong when ageing.


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